Sunday, August 29, 2004

Our Lab Looks Cool


Rachel said...

Hello! And congratulations on the new lab.
I don't remember certainly how I found your page, but probably I linked through Slacktivist or something. Anyway, I read your entry on "What's the Matter with Kansas" (but am posting here because I don't know how often you check old entries for comments) and generally agreed with it. Then, I cruised around some of your other entries and was amused/disturbed by the similarities between us.
I'm also a Kansan and a Democrat who nonetheless feels that the concerns of social conservatives are real ones, and who correspondingly has a nuanced and confused view of abortion (see here.) Also, I'm a PhD student who's smitten with the brilliance of "Piled Higher and Deeper."
If you click through to my blog (one I have set up for a radio program I do), you can find my e-mail address in my "profile" section. Please feel free to say hello.
Nice meeting you, Mary, and keep up the good work.

Mary said...

Any comments on any post, including old ones, get e-mailed to me. So I'll see it, wherever.

I've added your radio-show blog to my bloglines subscription -- yeah, I think I'll just e-mail you, rather than trying to have a comments conversation.