Sunday, August 15, 2004

Happy Birthdays Rebeccas!

My sister Rebecca's birthday was yesterday. My mother Rebecca's birthday is tomorrow. This is the first time I'm not there to celebrate with them, but I used a whole phone card talking to the younger Becca yesterday. She just got back from a trip to Wisconsin, of which the highlight was the Spam Museum. "Put on hard hats and frocks, everything you'll need to participate in the simulated SPAM production line. While you're at it, catch a glimpse of the SPAM Ballet. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity." No, that is not a joke. Yes, they have a display which just loops the Monty Python sketch.

Also, briefly noted:

-Today is Greg Maddux Day in the state of Illinois. "'His 300th win is a testament to his talent, determination and dedication to his team and to the sport,' the governor said. 'The State of Illinois is proud of his accomplishment and the legacy he's building.'" There will be ceremonies before today's game -- which Mark Prior is pitching. It will really suck if they lose on Greg Maddux day, so I hope Prior's got his control back. We only have a one-game lead in the wild card race. Go Cubs!

-The Chicagoist tells me that I am missing a lot of fun this weekend:
A folk music garage sale, the Illinois State Fair including the butter cow, which is mentioned in that one episode of the West Wing, The Wizard World Comic Fest including appearances by Joss Whedon, and -- this is the one I'm really going to get in trouble for -- a radio station "block party" featuring Modest Mouse and Death Cab for Cutie. And I'm passing? What's wrong with me? (But I did go bowling on Friday, and I'm going to a bar for the folk music night, and I'm actually getting some stuff done.)

-Finally, I was listening to NPR this morning, and was seriously creeped out by these song lyrics. Okay, I'm not going to take up gardening after all. Ever. And I am going to start eating a lot more spicy food. And I will continue to avoid both aspirin and sunscreen. And also, gonna flirt more. So I am not like the person in this song at all? Okay? At all?


Anonymous said...

Hey _I_ was just in Wisconsin! That's where my trip was to.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the birthday post! - Rebecca

Mary said...

Thank you for giving birth...