Thursday, August 05, 2004

Bush's Blog

It all started with this article in the Onion. "CIA Asks Bush to Discontinue Blog"

They mention a URL in the story -- So my friend Andy went to see what was there. As you do. Turned out it was an unclaimed address. So Andy claimed it.

Or as the blogger for the Guardian put it:"What makes it even funnier is that the Onion guys weren't sharp enough to set up George W's pretend blog at Typepad, so Andy did it for them." (You know you're internationally famous when foreign newspapers refer to you by first name only.)

Bush's campaign also has a real blog, which is almost as funny. It claims that Republican party throws better parties. Now this seems counter-intuitive, but it's exactly what Bush's background qualifies him for.

(Andy also notes that his hypothetical Cubs hard hats were available even before Wrigley Field started falling down, at "". Where else? Incidentally, Mayor Daley thinks the Tribune, which owns the Cubs, should have more editorials about this, so today they gave him one. Remember - Daley is a Sox fan.)


The Rod said...

Haha, awesome post!

Random comment^.^

Mary said...

Andy gets all the credit.