Thursday, June 24, 2004


Theresa Nielsen Hayden started this meme, and I posted my response there. I might as well post it here too.

I believe...

That everything makes sense, if you look closely enough and think hard enough.

That on large scales and small, the universe is beautiful.

That art is how we turn pain into beauty.

That in telling stories, human beings create meaning for the world.

That in telling stories to their children, human beings create meaning for their lives.

That there is such a thing as "truth."

That we never know the whole truth.

That stories don’t have to true to be meaningful, but they can’t be false.

That human beings are basically good.

That there is such a thing as "good."

That all people are equally valuable, even when they’re not good.

That when people aren’t good, it’s usually because they’ve lied to themselves.

That all people lie to themselves sometimes.

That the truth is almost always complicated, though comprehensible.

That it is always better to forgive, even yourself, but to forgive is not to excuse.

That accidents happen. Not everything is someone’s fault, or someone’s success.

That we’re all in the same boat, and none of us really knows what we’re doing here.

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