Thursday, June 24, 2004

Connie Willis

For some time, I have been meaning to make a proper Connie Willis fan site. She doesn't seem to have a really good, thorough one. I got as far as collecting some material, some links, and even designing a background, but the rest of the stuff I'd like to see on it (bibliography, quotes, etc) requires actual work. Maybe I'll get around to it someday. In the meantime, a blog entry seems like a good place to display all of those interviews and whatnot that I collected.

"Who's Connie Willis?" some of my less fortunate readers may ask. Here's what I wrote for the index page:

"Once upon a time there was a woman who told science fiction stories about dogs and death and vampires and jumble sales, about Christmas and church yards and sheep, about bombs and movie musicals. They were sad comedies and witty tragedies, all with the same deft eye for detail and all populated by likable, believable very human beings (plus a few aliens). She won a lot of awards and a lot of fans, many of whom feel an evangelical urge, and that's why this page exists."

And here is what I had on the links page...


Science Fiction Weekly Interview

OmniVision Interview, 1997 "Who is Connie Willis?"

Connie Willis & Gardner Dozois chat transcript, 1998 "Connie Wilson"

Connie Willis & Gardner Dozois chat transcript, 1999

Connie, Gardner, and James Patrick Kelly chat, 1999

EventHorizon chat transcript, 1999

Hugo Nominees chat transcript, 2000

Zone-SF interview, 2001

Science Fiction Weekly Interview, 2001


Listen to Fire Watch as adapted by Seeing Ear Theater, with sound effects and everything.

Bantam-Dell has an "Author Catalog" entry for Connie Willis. Be sure to click the "from the author" link in the top left for her famous last words.

You could also see her entry in The Internet Science Fiction Database and in SciFan.

Author James Patrick Kelley has funny profile from a time-traveler's perspective. ran an enthusiastic article, which is also linked to in "reviews." As this page went to press, you didn't even need to watch an ad.

A blogger called "bluejack" has a nice little summary of the information from the interviews and author bios.

Doing a search on turns up some interesting, mostly relevant stuff... As for searches on Google and Dmoz, they'll turn up things like this crossword puzzle by Jim Kelly, and a couple of Geocities fan sites: "The Connie Willis Page" and this "One-Sided Dialogue."

Finally, if you like Connie Willis, you should also be watching AMC, and reading Jerome K. Jerome and subscribing to Asimov's (where her short stories are published) and to Smithsonianalready, of course.

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