Friday, March 11, 2005

The End of the World-- uh, the Quarter

Lots of real life stuff going on as Northwestern's academic term ends, so blog entries may continue to be boring. We've got important people coming to review how we used our research funds and hold lots of meetings and conference presentations, so Ken's got long hours in the lab right now, trying to put together things we can show them and things our advisor can say. I'm at the very edge of all this activity, as the experiment I've been working on is not funded by these people and is therefore on hold until after all this is over. But I've been given a few assignments, making parts of a poster about our project as a part of the general "isn't our lab impressive?" push. And, of course, there's a dozen papers I'm supposed to read... And one more thing to write, for my quantum optics class. I just finished homework and grading. So now I should work on the talk I'm supposed to give.

Also booking things for the wedding, and then the trip to Europe. I can officially announce the wedding date as July 11. Small, immediate family service at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. I am in process of picking out poetry. Ken's letting me hog the fun on that. Meanwhile, if anybody knows any train-accessible, internet-bookable campsites in the Loire valley for less than thirty Euros a night, please let me know. That's the last reservation we have to make.

It's nice that we've bought all this camping gear now, because, as those who know me will know, I confidently expect the apocalypse any day now. Civilization seems very fragile to me. Now, when it happens, we've got shelter and beds and huge backpacks we can live out of. We are both assured by two quizilla quizzes (this one and two) that we stand an excellent chance of surviving. Especially if the threat comes from zombies. Don't laugh, the government considers zombie threats to be terrorism. Good thing Ken's seen every zombie movie ever made, and now we have this book.

Remember -- you have to destroy the brain.


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Simon W said...

Not a comment, but a request. I tried to send you an email yesterday, and realised that I only have the ups address. Apart from the fact that I remember you saying that that address is mostly a spamtrap, it's now bouncing with a 550. This particular email wasn't overly important, but if you'd like me to have a valid email address for you, could you please send it to Ta...