Thursday, March 24, 2005

Chicago Skyline

Via Byzantium's Shores and via the Chicagoist I see Chicago's skyline has been named fourth greatest in the world, by some people who took it upon themselves to name these things. They judged purely on number of floors, and not aesthetic quality, obviously.

Ken's moving into the apartment that I too will eventually be occupying, soon, and we've decided we want Chicago art, so I've been looking at skyline pictures, lately. Check out some of the posters I want to buy.

(I actually asked the photographer about a poster-sized print of this picture of Wrigley field too, but it sounded expensive.)



Ashi said...

Actually, I think the Chicago skyline does look nice though, don't you think so?

Mary said...

I meant that if they'd judged on aesthetic quality, Chicago would've been number one...