Saturday, July 31, 2004

Adding to my Blogroll

My friend Andrew Gray points out that the title of What's the Matter with Kansas (which I reviewed here)has been changed for the benefit of foreigners who've never heard of Kansas. Same text. No additional explanatory forward.

Look, if I'm explaining "Chicago has two baseball teams," the least they can do is label Kansas on a US map.

(Andrew also points out that tonight is a "blue moon". So go do something you don't normally do.)

And my friend Santi has a blog, in which he invites us to "Scat to the Pensees"

Both of them are on the blogroll now. Also, did you notice that Blogspot is now promoting infrared sensors and photodiodes on the banner above? I think I'm sort of proud. (I do realize there are other services that don't have ads, of course, but I trust the ones that do to stay in business longer...)

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