Monday, October 25, 2004

Conservatives for Kerry

I'm sure the rest of the world has already spotted this trend, but I'm amazed at how many endorsements of Kerry I'm reading by small-government conservatives.

In the Chicago Tribune,

in college papers,

and from Doonesbury, a whole bunch of them.

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Anonymous said...

This comments that Kerry now has the endorsements of at least 28 papers that backed Bush in 2000, whereas Bush has the endorsement of two that backed Gore. (and the Denver Post's endorsement of El Presidente is remarkably lukewarm for something saying "yay, vote for that guy")

It's still vaguely demoralising to realise that, to all intents and purposes, this election is so close as to be in the realms of chance - you might as well have the Supreme Court toss a coin next week and be done with it.

(Also: have we had the October Surprise yet? Is there one?)

- Andrew