Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Procrastinatory Post

It's no good to blog when I am too wrapped up in myself anyway, fretting about the future. (And by "future" I mean, this summer.) I need to be less reflective, not more. I am reading Starship Troopers to distract myself. And I'm not blogging much, as you can see.

I think I'll get around to doing that "25 things" meme, since I've been tagged by two people on Facebook. In the meantime, though, an oddly comforting long view from Roger Ebert.

Ending Up in a Kind of Soundlessly Spinning Ethereal Void as We All Must

And a clip from an Orson Welles film (F for Fake) linked in the comments there:

The 'Chartes Monologue'

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