Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blog Meme

For when you're too lazy and uncreative to think of anything to blog about...

Last Alcoholic Drink:

Hofbrau Maibock, last night. That's a beer, and a good one. I'm into fancy beers these days. Although my palette's not as refined as Ken's.

Last Car Ride:

My five minute commute home from work. But before that, it was the much longer ride back from the DMV, where I finally, after four years got a driver's licence in the state I live in. I had to take the written test. Stress-ful.

Last Kiss:

On the elevator this morning.

Last Good Cry:

*Good* cry? None. Ask me about embarrassing, painful, frustrated cries... Actually, don't.

Last Library Book:

"The Hidden Family," by Charles Stross. I lost it, and haven't paid the replacement fee yet, which is why it was my last library book...

Last book bought:

"Old Man's War," by John Scalzi. But before that it was "Wild Swans" by Jung Chang, which was absolutely amazing. I bought it because I liked the way it was written, from browsing a few pages in the bookstore. But the actual story blew me away. I have to admit I had no idea what China has been through in the past century. The author's grandmother was one of the last generation of Chinese women to have bound feet, and was in her youth the concubine of a warlord. Their child (the author's mother) was a a spy at the age of 17, caught up in the invasion by the Japanese and then the civil war which led to communist rule. Both the author's parents were idealistic party members, who were disillusioned by the famines, purges, and political persecution that came later. They eventually became victims of the Cultural Revolution, tortured and exiled. And the author herself, a teenager at the time, was a Red Guard, a participant in that same Cultural Revolution, but less and less a willing one. I can't imagine anything more exciting, or heart breaking. And, as I noticed in the bookstore, the writing is excellent, honest and unpretentious.

Last Book Read:

"Old Man's War." Very quick read, and pretty entertaining.

Last Movie Seen in Theatres:

"300." 'Cause you gotta see that one in theaters, otherwise, what's the point?

Last Movie Rented:

X-Men 3. Huge disappointment.

Last Cuss Word Uttered:

Probably "Damn it."

Last Beverage Drank:

Diet Coke. Because I am an addict.

Last Food Consumed:

Yoplait light yogurt. Because I am an addict.

Last Crush:

Not counting my husband? I did just watch X-Men (all three of them, in fact), so I'm gonna go with Hugh Jackman.

Last Phone Call:

My mother in law.

Last TV Show Watched:

Gilmore Girls. Which no one is allowed to make fun of. I've been watching since the first episode.

Last Time Showered:

Last night. I shower in the evenings, after I run.

Last Shoes Worn:

Dankso walking boots. They have these hard soles, like wearing wooden clogs. But they're supposed to make sure your gait is ergonomically correct. My mom bought them for me. I'm sure I couldn't afford them.

Last CD Played:

K.T. Tunstall, "Eye to the Telescope."

Last Item Bought:

Flosser sticks. I've got a dentist's appointment coming up.

Last Download:

Maybe "Advanced Batch Converter."

Last Annoyance:

Not hearing back from (or being able to find) a member of my thesis committee. I've got to set a proposal date.

Last Disappointment:

The Cubs, this season.

I could give a more serious answer, but I think I'd depress myself. Who needs that?

Last Soda Drank:

Diet Coke. Because I'm an addict.

Last Thing Written:

Not counting e-mails and blog posts, part of a story I'm working on for my Monday night writer's group. It involves a worker's rebellion on Mars.

Last Key Used:

Huh? "." I guess.

Last Words Spoken:

"Yeah, I'm almost done."

Last Sleep:

Last night.

Last Ice Cream Eaten:

I'm gonna count the chocolate dipped frozen banana I had last week, 'cause otherwise I can't remember. I bought a whole box of them, actually.

(Hey, I remember now. The last actual icecream was from an ice cream truck that drove by us... Probably last September or so.)

Last Chair Sat In:

The one I'm in. A wooden one with a vinyl cushion.

Last Webpage Visited:

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I read your blog and found it quite interesting not to mention amusing. Thanks for the break from life.