Monday, February 27, 2006

Lunes Links, Part III

Did you notice how, when I miss the weekend and find myself posting on Mondays, the posts seem to be lazy collections of links instead of deep insights or scientific explanations? Huh. Weird.

Anyway, your theme for this week is old pictures.

I've been meaning to link to this huge collection of World War II posters from Northwestern University Library for so long that I forget where I originally found it.

Then there's this gallery of old newspaper ads which reveal the way of life of previous generations of American capitalists. The host of those images also brings us World War II ephemera (his politics show a little bit there, be warned) and, for a change of scene, bad seventies interior design. The photos he used to have in that gallery had me cracking up helplessly at a library computer one day, but he pulled them down when he published them in book form. These new ones are almost as good.

Let's see, what else... Well, I found myself watching reality TV while I worked out again tonight, so I might as well link to this article about the original unscripted elimination contest: the Miss America pageant. But the theme was supposed to be pictures, so here are the pageant's archive pictures of the winners from the 1920s, with links to the other decades. You can view individual years, too.

And if you'd rather look at men in long socks instead, here is an archive of baseball card images, 1887 - 1914.

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