Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Thank You

I want to thank everyone, especially Ken's parents, who had to fly a thousand miles or so each, and my parents, who paid for the dress, the flowers, the reception afterwards, our plane tickets, and a night at a hotel that I'm surprised even lets people like us in. As if that weren't enough, both sets of parents gave us money too, and Ken's dad is buying plane tickets for the honeymoon.

To my talented sister and brother: without you, we couldn't have done this. I'm saving the rest of my mushiness for the real thank-you notes, but Becca, you were the best maid of honor I could have imagined, and Patrick, I owe you big time.

Michael, you made a great best man. Ken's probably told you how much it meant to him that you came, but I want you to know how much it meant to me. It wouldn't have been much of a party if you weren't there.

Thanks to Dayton for doing the flowers, and to Dean Tollefson for a wonderful service.

For anyone who wants to know, our readings are here, here, and here. Becca took the picture of us above, which is one of our favorites. (I'd put up more of hers, except I'm still wary about having too many pictures on the internet which identify me.)

And Ken, I want to thank you most of all. But I'm not going to do that over a blog.


Simon W said...


(and "oooh, you have lost weight since Durham")

Jennie said...

Many dancing rodents :)

Andy said...

Hey Mary~

best of luck! loved the readings! Have fun in Europe! Yay!


Ashi said...

Yay:) Nice pictures:) And I like the way Ken looks dressed like that:) Not that I mind how he looks normally, but still!:)