Monday, June 13, 2005

Feynman Diagrams on a Postage Stamp

... Along with Feynman himself. Via GirlHacker: the US Postal Service has released a series of stamps featuring American scientists, including (in my opinion) the only really great American physicist, Richard Feynman.

The Feynman diagrams which are pictured on the stamps are a reason I personally like the guy. He took some ridiculously complicated math, and turned it into a simple pictorial recipe. The pictures tell you want equations to write down -- then it's just plug and chug. And they make a really ugly subject much more intuitive.

Plus, he played bongos in Brazil and cracked safes and had this thing about a place called Tuva... There's a couple of books just full of Feyman stories, not to mention a Matthew Broderick movie that I love.


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Ashi said...

I have those stamps:) What about Edward Witten? What do you think of him?