Saturday, April 02, 2005

Reference Works

Just a list. (I've linked to a couple of these before.)

The Encyclopedia Mythica
The Internet Classics Archive
The Encyclopedia of Arda (Tolkein's world)
A Jehovah's Witness Jargon File
The Original Jargon File
A Catholic Encyclopedia
A Jewish Encyclopedia
An Encyclopdia of Philosophy
A cooperative encyclopedia project
A cooperative guide to the galaxy
Project Gutenberg (lots of reference works)
The Skeptic's Dictionary

There. That ought to keep you all busy for a while.



Santiago said...

The Pope is dead. Post about that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Santiago. You must write about this man and his followers --- his Church. When has the history seen one man so universally beloved by the masses? When has one man made each word he spoke an appeal for mercy, charity and non-violence by individuals and nations? Who in our day has been a better witness of moral courage through prayer?

Mary said...

I don't have an special perspective to add to the media frenzy. You might like this slacktivist post.

Santiago said...

heh heh heh Mary... I was sort of joking, but I guess my Anonymous friend here wasn't. I think he got here from St Blog's...I linked to you. I think you should join St Blog's as lapsed-Catholic-in-residence.

Hope the marriage goes well!!

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