Thursday, September 23, 2004

Yes, Master

I promise I'll write another real post, which might possibly be of interest to people who aren't me, soon. But in the meantime, I've got more fun mail that I can't resist sharing:

"Just for your information.... For those of you who recently passed all of your qualifier exams, if you have also completed all of your core course requirements plus 2 electives you now qualify for your Master's Degree. If you are interested in obtaining it please stop by my office to fill out the necessary paperwork. If you enter into Master's Candidacy by Sept. 29th you will get your degree in December."

Might as well, right? Although I'm a little disappointed I don't get a Mistress Degree...

I will expect everyone to begin addressing me as "Master Mary."


Eric said...

I suppose the idea is that you've achieved mastery over you can now tell the universe what to do. Though, of course, it'll take a doctorate in order to learn how many times a day it should have to do it, for how long, and whether it should do it before or after meals.

Anonymous said...

If I remember Mencken right, were we using suitably archaic terminology you'd have gone from "Sir Messall" to "Mr. Messall".

This can't help but seem a step down, somehow.

(also: pah. will you stop being more qualified than me? A man needs a chance to catch up...)